The Latest Version of Tim Wallace's Goofy Thermodynamics

Tim Wallace never gives up! He keeps adding to his diatribe Thermodynamics vs. Evolutionism against me. He goes on and on and on, believing that verbosity is a substitute for real information. I responded in considerable detail in my 1998 reply, rebuttal, and second rebuttal. My web pages that Mr. Wallace objects to are: Creationist thermodynamics argument, Comment on the thermodynamics chapter of Scientific Creationism, A brief explanation of thermodynamics, and . Relation between the second law of thermodynamics and the probability of chemical change.

Wallace displays a total ignorance of thermodynamics, which must expressed in terms of mathematical equations to have any meaning at all. Yet he does not present a single equation to back up his statements. His second paragraph "The second law presents an insurmountable problem...." is completely untrue. The site consists of page after page of misinformation, distortions, misleading quotations, and personal attacks, all based entirely on his own delusions.

thermodynamics is a difficult subject to master. It requires much study and concentration to understand the principles on which it is based. If Mr. Wallace found himself in a situation where he actually had to use thermodynamics, he would discover that all his hot air would not begin to suffice!