SRF in Turkey

The following widely distributed e-mail message from the Science Research Foundation represents the Hitler tactics characteristic of the religious right. The SRF does not do scientific research. Its sole purpose is to grind out hate propaganda directed against those who do not share the beliefs of religious fundamentalists.

Date: 8/10/01 2:23 AM

From: arda ulusoy

Dear Sir / Madam,

The Science Research Foundation is a non-profit civil institution, which has a very significant place in terms of the intellectual and cultural setting of Turkey. The Science Research Foundation, as its name suggests, conducts research and holds symposiums, conferences, seminars and offers other social information services on scientific subjects.

The scientific works of the Science Research Foundation deal particularly with the origins of the universe, living beings and mankind. The SRF maintains that 19th century positivism, in rejecting religious beliefs and establishing scientific atheism, is rather flawed and it defends the Creationist interpretation of the origin of living beings and mankind, a stance having its roots in contemporary scientific findings. So far, the SRF has organized about 140 scientific conferences in different cities and districts of Turkey. Some of these conferences have been attended by foreign scientists thanks to the firm and sincere support of ICR. In addition, many exhibitions, multivision shows, radio and television programs have been organized. Research papers and articles on Darwinism are currently prepared to be published in various press organs. Beside this, the foundation has published many booklets and brochures on these issues.

The SRF is known with its activities about the collapse of the theory of evolution. Darwinism is the unique basis upon which the materialist philosophy, which utterly denies spiritual values and attaches importance only to material values, rests upon. Besides, Darwinism does not accept the fact that man is a being with a soul created by God and claims him to be a developed animal. As known, animal is a being bereft of wisdom. Therefore, it cannot be held responsible for the acts it performs. It is not accountable to its Creator for the selfish acts, murders, massacres or any aggressive attitudes it commits. The bloody ideologies of the 20th century, namely communism and fascism, also based the cruelty they exercised over people on this gruesome understanding of Darwinism. Consequently, demolition of the Darwinist thinking means the removal of these dark ideologies from the face of the earth. The reason why the SRF focuses all her attention on the collapse of Darwinism is to save people from this ideology which brings disasters to humanity.

The reason of this policy of SRF was mostly related with some official plans to include Darwinism as a scientific fact in the education system. In order to prevent such a harmful and wrong decision, the Foundation decided to display how modern science in fact disproves the evolutionary scenario of origins. The foundation is aiming to cooperate with many other creation or "intelligent design" scientists from all over the world.

The alliance of sincere and faithful people who desire the good for the humanity at such a time is of great importance. Any idea, comment or view in this regard will surely contribute to the intellectual struggle we have waged.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Dr. Arda Ulusoy