A Reply to the Jorge Fernandez attack on Talk Origins newsgroup

In his web page in the Tim Wallace "True Origin Archive" web site, Mr. Fernandez accuses the Talk Origins newsgroup of being a "propaganda machine for philosophical materialism." This newsgroup is open to anyone who wants to post an opinion on the subjects of origins, evolution, and creationism. Mr. Fernandez did not supply any evidence that submittals were being censored to favor the evolutionist point of view.

He repeatedly claims that arguments supporting evolution are "deceptive by omission," that is, deliberately omitting information which would disprove evolution. This is indeed ironic, since that is the method in which creationists in general, and Mr. Fernandez in particular, use to try to make their case. The most egregious example of this means of creationist deception is quoting out of context. In his web page, Mr. Fernandez quotes Dr. Francis Crick to imply Dr. Crick does not support evolution. To learn Dr. Crick's true position, read his book Life Itself.

Concerning the Second Law of Thermodynamics, Mr. Fernandez states: "Talk Origins is propagating one of the most odious of all myths in the creation evolution controversy." He fails to state that he has never studied thermodynamics, and therefore is unaware that the mathematics of the second law state clearly and unequivocally, that entropy can spontaneously decrease. Many examples of this can be found in nature, for example the formation of crystalline snowflakes. So how do creationists obviate these facts? They postulate a separate make-believe thermodynamics for living things that is based on neither facts, logic, nor mathematics! His "blowtorch" thermodynamics (see web page) is ludicrous. I review in detail the laws of thermodynamics in this web page. Click here to view the links.

Of course, it can be argued that I don't know that Mr. Fernandez has never studied thermodynamics. But the basic equation H = F + TS is so clear cut that there is no way anyone familiar with thermodynamics can possibly conclude that entropy can not spontaneously decrease.