Bigotry from the Institute for Creation Research

In his letter accompanying the May 2001 issue of the Institute for Creation Research's Acts and Facts, President John D. Morris states: The two most recent high school shooting rampages took place just one and six miles from ICR respectively, and underscored the frightening effects of brainsashing in the evolution worldview.

In Acts and Facts he states: Christians in the community rightly pointed out that the rise in school violence has paralleled the removal of god from the schools. Morris goes on to state: They [the students] have been led to think that man is only a highly evolved animal, that personal pleasure outweighs consideration for others, that human life has no destiny. From this sewage of wrong thinking has come the outbreak of wrong behavior.

This hate message blaming the school shootings on evolution should be a wake up call. Hitler's Nazi movement started out in the same manner, blaming Jews for activities contrary to the "patriotic" fatherland. And so it is with creationism, blaming evolution for all manner of evil. The real evil here is the attack on the public schools, simply because public schools don't teach creationist religious dogma.

Yet the public in general, and the news media in particular, continue to ignore the very real threat of the creationist movement. Seldom, if ever, do you see creationist tactics challenged, or even mentioned, in the national news media. But the simple fact is very clear. Creationism is bigotry directed towards those who hold different beliefs. In that respect it is no different than the KKK or the neo-nazi movement.