Craig McClaren's Web Page:

An Example of Creationist Pseudo-science at its Worst

This review was written some time in the past. McClaren's web page now appears now to have been discontinued.

As he stated in his lengthy "Information Central" web site, Craig was an 18 year old college freshman who, on the basis of reading a few creationist publications, considers himself to be a scientist with a mission: to "expose" the "lies" of evolution. He describes the contents of his web page by stating: You will not find a more complete and concise description of evolution anywhere on the internet.

Like all creationists, Craig McClaren prefers the simplistic answers in creationist dogma over the tedious work of mastering the hundreds of concepts, relationships, and other information characteristic of legitimate science. His lengthy web site attacks evolutionary science with the usual misinformation and lack of critical thinking. It is entirely negative in scope and presents no credible defense of creationist dogma. All of the claims in his web site have been refuted many times over by a rational evaluation of the factual information. Most of that information can be found at this web site.

McClaren's web page starts off with the following statement:

From McClaren's "Evolution Series" sidebar on the main page of his web site:

McClaren's web site is too voluminous for a detailed rebuttal of the entire web site. But I have selected the following as typical of his make-believe misinformation. It was taken from the "Big Water Theory" section of McClaren's "Evolution Series" web page. The paragraphs are numbered for reference, and my comment follows.

A Debunking of the Above Allegations

McClaren states that God set the firmament into a rotating orbit. [1] Any material orbiting the earth must be in a plane that would intersect the center of the earth. (McClaren does state in [9] the firmament was "taking on a disk-like structure" at the polar regions, but that was, according to him, 1656 years later.) An example of orbiting material are the rings around the planet Saturn. It is physically impossible for any material, e.g. the "firmament," to orbit the earth and still exist as a kind of covering over the entire earth. There is a fixed mathematical relation between orbital velocity and the elevation of the orbiting material. McClaren's statement states that the waters of the firmament were no higher than the limits of the atmosphere. In order to maintain an orbit, the material would have to travel at a velocity of 16,000 miles per hour!

McClaren states that [1] [2] that a nightly accumulation of heavy dew accumulated into vast subterranean oceans. Rain has been falling on the earth for thousands of years since the alleged Genesis flood. Where are the subterranean oceans resulting from this precipitation? They don't exist. A limited accumulation of ground water by no means constitutes the existence of McClaren's alleged vast subterranean oceans. He assumes that the "heavy dew" deposit would correspond to 2 centimeters per day precipitation world-wide for 1656 years. Multiplying 2 cm per day times 365 days per year times 1656 years gives an answer of 1,208.88 meters of water depth. McClaren claims that none of this water evaporated back into the atmosphere, but instead accumulated in the vast subterranean oceans. Therefore, according to him, originally it must have all been present as water clouds in the "firmament above." He repeats the old creationist "vapor canopy creating a tropical environment" argument. If the vapor canopy actually could exist as a cloud cover containing the enormous amount of water claimed, it would essentially block all of the sun's radiation, resulting in very cold temperatures indeed. (In fact, it is completely impossible for the atmosphere to hold that amount of moisture-click on the vapor canopy section of my site.)

McClaren states that that a naturally occurring hydrogen bomb spontaneously exploded deep in the earth's core, [5] and that this suddenly opened the subterranean oceans. He goes on to state: "Billions upon billions of gallons of water were instantly released from the Earth's interior at this time and raging tsunamis swept over the lower portions of the Earth." [6] The assumption that a hydrogen bomb explosion could occur spontaneously in the earth's core is contrary to everything that is known about atomic reactions. This type of reaction can only occur naturally in the interior of a star. Furthermore, there is no evidence whatever that hydrogen atoms could or did exist deep in the earth's iron/nickel core. Also, tsunamis are extremely destructive. How did the ark survive all this destruction? Answer: it could not have survived.

His explanation of the mechanisms creating the "opening of the fountains of the deep" goes as follows: (1) An H-bomb reaction spontaneously took place in the earth's core, then (2) this disrupted convection currents in the earth's outer core, then (3) this destroyed the earth's protective magnetosphere, causing (4) solar wind radiation to strike the upper atmosphere, causing (5) a heavy rain to fall from the remaining "vapor canopy," which ceased after (6) the outer core convection currents spontaneously re-started after 40 days. There is no evidence whatever that any of these events ever happened or could have happened. There is no evidence whatever that any of these alleged events could have caused the subsequent event. The whole series is merely creationist make-believe pseudo science.

Rain falls when warm moist air encounters a cold front. The cold front absorbs the heat of condensation from the warm moist air, allowing it to fall as liquid water. The amount of heat needed to be absorbed to condense the moisture is enormous. If a universal cloud existed, where was the cold front needed to cause it to condense and fall as liquid water?

McClaren's arguments are obviously bible-based. However, the bible says nothing at all about catastrophic events before and during the Genesis flood. That particular piece of creationist make-believe has neither scientific nor biblical support.

McClaren makes the statement: " Far from fanatic, I have thoroughly researched every portion of this web site and these series to make absolutely sure that every statement made is true and indisputable."

McClaren is ignorant of the basic facts of high school physics regarding water vapor heat of condensation.